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Top Six Mistakes Agents and Brokers Make!

Don’t Make These Costly Mistakes!

These mistakes can cost you business but more importantly your competitors can grab market share by applying online branding and marketing domination techniques.

There is only room for one website at the top of the search engines. There are only ten spots on page one on Google.

It is better to be #10 on page one on Google than to be #1 on page 2 on Google!

But it is not good enough any longer to be #10. You just can not dominate market share online with one or two spaces on page one anymore.

The attention span of the consumer is getting shorter and shorter. You get a split second to grab their attention and then another second to entice the consumer to choose your website over the others to click on.

So now you have to dominate the top spots on google page one. You have to dominate the page NOT the top spot!  Real Estate on page one on Google is where your website has to be in order to get real customers to call you or opt in to your newsletter or listing alerts.

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Coach Katerina

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  1. Ken Williams
    6 years ago

    Nice talking with you today Katerina, I really enjoyed it. Of course if you want to come visit the mountains give me a call